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Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling - Ministry Made Easy (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause
EBook PDF, ePub, Mobi Files - 110 Large Pages
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Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling

You know that God has a purpose for your life, and a ministry for you to carry out. But how can you find out exactly what your ministry calling is?

Can you do it by answering a questionnaire or doing a personality test? Do you need a prophet to give you a prophetic word to tell you what God has called you to do?

I had none of these things when I started out in ministry. So I started ministering without really knowing what my calling was. In other words...

I was ministering without an official calling.

I attended meetings where a prophet was functioning, calling people out and prophesying over them. Surely if I was called, the Lord would give him something for me? But alas he did not even notice me. So obviously I was not that important to the Lord.

That is what I thought, but I could not have been further from the truth. 

Today I stand in one of the highest ministry offices, and I am reaching to the nations to bring change to the Body of Christ. I have gone far beyond anything I could ever have dreamed. And if someone had told me back then what my calling was, I would probably have been scared to death by the idea. 

In all the years, as others seemed to rise up and find their calling, I always seemed to be dragging behind. Relatives and people I knew all went into ministry, and there I was, still waiting for my turn.

When I complained to the Lord, He always told me the same thing,

"A greater work takes greater preparation. I have called you to something higher than those people."

But what exactly was my calling? It seemed each time I thought I had found what it was, I would go in a new direction. But then eventually I came to the place where I knew what God wanted me to do in this world. I realized what my final destiny was. And then only could I settle down and do what He had called me to do.

Ministry vs. Calling

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Date Added : 2011-11-16

Title : A must have for every believer

Name : Marleze

Location : South Africa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book has been an absolute blessing. Les explains the principles in such a powerful way and uses amazing illustrations. It will really stirred up a new fire in you and I firmly believe that every believer, no matter your level, ministry or calling should go through this.

Even if you already know your calling or stand in Office this will equip you to take the concepts and teach them to others. With these fundamentals we can start changing the Body of Christ and lay the right foundations.

I highly recommend this. This is definitely a must have for everyone.

In His Love


Date Added : 2013-04-30

Title : This course has challenged and insipired me

Name : Tembakazi

Location : South Africa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book has been extremely helpful,it answered a lot of questions I had regarding ministry and calling.

Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling - Ministry Made Easy (Course E-Textbook)