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Reaching Prophetic Office (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause
EBook PDF, Mobi and ePub files - 285 Large Pages
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Flowing in the Authority of the Prophetic Office

What God Expects from You to Be His Spokesman in the Earth

This book follows up after the previous book in the series entitled Prophet Ministry Made Easy. We recommend that you read that one first before you start on this one.

Prophetic Ministry can be carried out by all believers. But when God calls you to be a prophet, you will move into a higher level. The ultimate level you can reach is known as the Prophetic Office.

This requires an intensive training, and you will experience many pressures in life as God prepares you for this call.

The Prophetic Office involves more than simply speaking prophetic words. It involves uses a higher level of authority given by God and symbolized by a golden key. This allows the Prophet to decree and release God's will into the earth.

Because this power could be abused, God has to make you ready before He can give it to you.

Here Is What You Will Learn

  1. You will learn the signs of the Prophetic Calling and how to identify if this calling exists in your life
  2. You will learn why you have experienced many things in life as part of your preparation for this call
  3. You will learn what kind of authority God has for you, and how to use this authority
  4. You will learn how God trains His prophets
  5. You will learn how a Prophet is trained through mentorship
  6. You will come to understand the death process that you have been going through
  7. You will learn everything that you will do once you qualify as a Prophet in office
  8. You will learn how to come into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus

Why You Need This Teaching

If you know that you are called to this ministry, or you have been flowing in it already, this book will take you to the next level.

You will know what the Lord really expects from His Prophets and you can rise up into this calling.

Until you know the signs and what to expect next, you cannot move forward in your calling. So get into this teaching as soon as possible and qualify as a full Prophet.

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Reaching Prophetic Office (Course E-Textbook)