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Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause
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A New Prophetic Movement Is Coming

Is Your Prophetic Ministry Perfect Yet?

  • You can get revelation, but somehow it is not as clear as you hoped it would be.
  • You wish you could hear better, speak better, minister better in the prophetic.
  • Perhaps you have never flowed in the Prophetic and so wish you could.

No matter what level of experience you have had, this teaching will fill in the gaps of what is missing from your ministry.

And before you know it, you will be functioning like a true Prophet of God.

What You Will Learn From This Series

  1. Practice makes perfect, but you need to practice the right things.
  2. You will learn how to hear better as a prophet
  3. You will learn how to see better as a prophet
  4. You will learn how to speak better as a prophet
  5. You will learn to pray better as a prophet
  6. You will learn to write better as a prophet

What Is Holding You Back?

If you are arrogant and overconfident in your ministry, then this book is not for you.

But if you earnestly desire to be the best prophet you can be for the Lord. If you want to go a step higher in your calling.

Then do not hesitate but grab this teaching. Once you start reading or listening you will not be able to stop.

And by the time you are done, the pieces will all be in place, and you will be ready to move on higher and become the kind of Prophet you always wanted to be.

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Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry (Course E-Textbook)